To Retailers

To Retailers

Wish to JOIN the PayPortal? - please contact us via the FEEDBACK form. Our sales representative will contact you shortly to answer all your questions and share the best margin structure available.

Joining fee Rs. 400 will apply. The amount will be collected by a distributor representative at the moment of a wallet creation. A retailer package includes Recharges (prepaid and postpaid), TV, Utility bills and Domestic Money Transfers. Just load your wallet and start your business.

BEST EVER charges for Domestic Money Transfers
Upto Rs.1500 =Rs.10
Above Rs.1500=0,6%
Account Verification --> Rs.3

Please contact the Payportal and we will find the nearest Distributor for your service.

AIRCEL BONUS for Retailers since September 2017
Take 0,25% bonus for achieving AIRCEL Recharges target Rs. 10'000 during a month. 

The SPECIAL BONUS and MARGINS for independent Retailers 

The PayPortal has special offer to Retailers who will be able to load their wallet by bank transfers directly to Payportal account. Money can be transferred to PayPortal account at SBI, RBL and ICICI banks. 
  • We offer flat margins for the majority of prepaid operators as 1,9% 
  • The BONUS 0,15% or 0,3% will be paid for achieving Rs.50'000 or Rs.100'000 of recharges during a month
  • and EXTRA Bonus 0,1% immediately credited to a retailer's wallet if money were transferred via NEFT, RTGS or IMPS. 
  • a special Bonus 0,1% will be paid on DMT IF 10 Lac target has been achieved on DMT during a month.
If you are interested in the offer - Please contact the Payportal by the phone or through Feedback form.

The PayPortal tries to keep Retailers' margins on the highest level. If you are looking for stability and growth then the Payportal is the right choice.